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Success Stories with CoVentures

"It’s obvious that Michael has been involved in the business community enough to understand the difficulties that all managers face such as time management, balancing personal and professional obligations, and prioritization of daily management responsibilities. Michael does not provide the answer to problems but rather through insightful questions, discussion, and examples, has helped me critically evaluate and work on my own skill sets. As everyone knows “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”.

Mike Hreben,
Board Chairman/Senior Fisheries Scientist
Kleinschmidt Associates


"The entire staff found the PeopleMap™ training to be educational and fun. Your professionalism and receptive personality made this an enjoyable training. I used this opportunity to unify the staff, sharing information and ideas will help us work together as a more cohesive unit in the future."

~ Connie L. Carroll

Executive Director
United Way of Monroe County

 "Michael did some some professional coaching for us this past year. I found that he was highly effective and of great assistance. If you are looking for someone to assist you or your department with professional development, then Michael is the person to see. He will help you achieve your goals."

~ Chief Hines
Erie Police Department

"Michael was wonderful!
We started executive coaching just before an unexpected period of high's and lows, changes and challanges at work, and high anxiety. It was helpful to have Michael's calm presence, insightful observations, and astute questions to help me stay grounded and open. His use of the PeopleMap™ framework with my achielles heel was especially very helpful."

~ Vickie Atkinson,
Manager, Organizational Developer
Durham First
Durham, North Carolina

"The advice and help you gave me during our executive coaching sessions has been invaluable. After suffering three layoffs in five years, I had begun to lose faith in myself as an employee and in my ability to have a stable, meaningful career. You helped me to recognize my strengths, skills, and abilities - and taught me how to present them in a way that is significant to employers. Thanks to the help you gave, I have been able to quickly find a new position despite a downturned economy, and successfully transition into a field that takes full advantage of the education and abilities I possess. A million thanks!!
All my best,

~ Rebecca York
Business Professional

"I want to thank you for the remarkable executive coaching support you have been to me over the last year and a half. Starting up a new business has been a bit overwhelming and at times a little frightening. I hoped you would be able to help me sort out and make sense of some of the problem areas and you have certainly done so. One thing that has surprised me, however, is the breadth of your knowledge, suggesting tools and resources it would not even have occurred to me to ask about.
Thank you for your clear insights and problem solving techniques, but most of all, your firm, dependable support."

- Paul Mikels, A.C.S.W

Business Professional & Owner

“I came to CoVentures with hopes of changing how my work situations have ended up with excess stress and workaholic conditions. This ‘investment in me’ was time well spent, and I recommend this self-study for people at all career levels.“

~ Dennis P. Tiede, Location General Manager, The Schwan Food Company

“Michael’s expertise & creative advice was invaluable in my transition to a more healthy & economically beneficial employment opportunity. His coaching has been crucial in balancing my private and professional life. If I start my own business the first call I make will be to Michael. I would highly recommend him to anyone making or wanting to transition to a more satisfying existence. He’s the best!”

~ Cynthia Mcillvain, professional woman

“I knew you were willing to partner and assist with a tough project. You have a lot of passion, and I was confident in your abilities. It is a lasting experience! I would like to have you back again. “

~Vicki Taylor: Program Manager at Hope Network